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    Do you know anything about house called Courreges? Are their perfumes any good? There isn't many reviews about them. How about their newer version of Eau de Correges and Empreinte?

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    I am curious about these scents too. If the bottles looked like little white go-go boots, I'd buy one unsniffed.
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    The Courreges Issue has been driving me insane for a while now. Back in the late 1970s when I was living in Japan I wore a fragrance called Courreges by Andres Courreges. Of the over 300 fragrances I've had in my collection, Courreges was my second all-time favorite (after Arpege, the REAL Arpege I'm saying). I never saw it offered again when I went back to live in America. Now when I look at lists of Courreges house fragrances, it's as if it never existed. I never see it mentioned. I then wore Courreges in Blue which was similar but much much less edgy, less interesting. When I looked through the lists and saw Courreges constantly omitted, I began to wonder if I had been mistaken, if maybe it had an alternate name. But then I finally found it listed on perfumeintelligence and was relieved to find I was not out of my mind. So I then emailed the house of Courreges about it although I realized it must have been long discontinued. I did not get any reply. Maybe if I had thought to actually buy something from them I would have had better luck. Anyway, I got lots of compliments about it and constantly had to correct people about its name. "No, not Courage. Courreges." I can only describe it as kind of an aldehydic chypre, if that makes any sense. ( I really can't judge fragrances much beyond "Me like" and "Me no like" anyway.) Courreges in Blue was also aldehydic in my memory from the early 1980s. Robert Gonnon was their house nose in the late 1970s and I find that I generally like his stuff, but someone else designed Courreges in Blue, I think, but its still had a similar style. That of course doesn't mean much in the current age. But when I see the word Courreges I seem to lose my mind.

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    Courreges in Blue is being re-released, I just smelled it this weekend. Not my style, but if you like it, watch for the new launch.

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    I have two Courreges mens fragrances in my collection: Niagara and Courreges Homme. Both are very nice IMO.
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    I wore Empreinte until it was discontinued. Ditto Eau de Courreges. Had a bottle of Courreges in Blue but did not really like it so much.

    Empreinte was monumental. Dry like a September hillside in Marin County, CA. Had an animalic note that sprang off its paws and into your brain. I think it was pretty heavy on the castoreum and civet. I tended to wear it most in winter. I have not tried the newly- released version of Empreinte (which has been around for a while) because of what happened with Eau de Courreges:

    Eau de Courreges was an eau fraiche style fragrance with a lot more oomph than usual. It had a coniferous note, very sharp, that came out after the sturdy citrus opening. It was a fresh, clean fragrance with enough body to wear it in cold weather. I think the actual concentration was eau de toilette. So I finished my last original bottle and bought another about 2 years ago. The box looked almost the same, the bottle was almost the same, but there was something just...cheaper... about both. Remember the huge round metal tops on the Courreges bottles of Empreinte and Eau de Courreges? Well, that was still there but it was really lightweight, as though it were just plastic with a metallic paint. The graphics on the box were not a raised, tactile print, just flat and the colors were washed out. Anyway, the scent. It wasn't horrible, but it was what I call a "holographic" scent. As if 50% of it survived being beamed from one galaxy to the next, while the half that really mattered got left behind. It just lacked that punch, that distinction and identity. I was chagrined and did not want the same experience with Empreinte.

    I'd like to see someone get the rights to these fragrances who could bring them back to even 85% of what they were originally. Almost all of the Courreges frags from the '70s could beat any niche fragrance any day.

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