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    Red face by Glen O. Brechbill

    I apologize if this is old news, but I recently stumbled onto this website (which is a free ebook apparently) and thought it would be of interest/use to everyone is quite comprehensive...and FREE. Looks like it was published recently - 2012.

    I'd be curious to know if anyone has read it and what your thoughts are.


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    Default Re: by Glen O. Brechbill

    I've run across it many times, but I never did go into it in enough depth to evaluate it. He seems genuinely enthusiastic about his book, and it seems to have involved a lot of effort.

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    Default Re: by Glen O. Brechbill

    I might just be a skeptic but without having any further evidence, I don't know that he has made all of these, or for that matter know if they are at all good.

    That said if wanting things to try, his book certainly provides things to try, and for a beginner looking for that, would have to be a learning experience, perhaps of significant value.

    As to whether the formulations themselves have any value, I have no idea. I didn't try any myself.

    Like you, I was interested on first seeing the book, from Googling one aromamaterial or another. But the more I read of it, the very multitude of examples made me skeptical, as well as the lack so far as I know of outside references endorsing the work. If the formulas were that good, wouldn't there have been that? Probably I suppose, but not necessarily. Your post is the first time I've ever seen the book or his name mentioned, actually. Also for whatever reason the formulas struck me as uninteresting, but that's entirely personal. There could be gems in there for all I know, I suppose. Simply from the number of them, though, almost surely most cannot be gems. Nobody has that many gems.

    I'd think definitely the writeup of materials would help many, and no doubt the writing did take a lot of work (simply from writing, even if many of the formulas were never made, which I don't know they weren't) and enthusiasm.
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    Default Re: by Glen O. Brechbill

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    Default Re: by Glen O. Brechbill

    Thank you, I had not seen it.

    Reading the thread now, not one person reported that they'd tried a formula and found it good let alone excellent. Or even tried it, period.

    This doesn't prove that there can't be some fine formulas in there, but it's another example of the lack of evidence towards it. But it's certainly a large compilation from which one could pick something to try even if perhaps being the first ever to do so!

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    Default Re: by Glen O. Brechbill

    Does anyone have the Spicy PDF? I have looked over most of his info except for this.

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    Default Re: by Glen O. Brechbill

    Quote Originally Posted by jt86 View Post
    Does anyone have the Spicy PDF? I have looked over most of his info except for this.
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    Default Re: by Glen O. Brechbill

    They seem to be legit. Although most of the material he "wrote" seems to be cut and paste jobs from various resources. I've been able to read the exact same things in various places in the net. I'm not going to bash the author just look around on Google and come to your own conclusion. As far as the formulas they are perfectly legit so muÁh so they are also found in various places. I've tried a couple fougere formulas and I was satisfied. Like I said give it a try and post your thoughts.

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