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    Question Non-powdery alternative to FlowerbyKenzo?

    Hi all! This is my first post here, though I've been stalking basenotes for a while - up until last week I lived with roommates who couldn't tolerate scent, so now I'm free to begin building my wardrobe again!! I only have a few scents right now, and unfortunately one of them was a gift that didn't work out so great - FlowerbyKenzo. I love, love, LOVE the opening of this perfume, how delicate and floral it is, but it turns so unbelievably powdery after that that I can't even wear it. Does anybody have any ideas for a similar floral WITHOUT the powder? I've been using the search tool here but it's harder to search for an exclusion!

    Also please let me know if this isn't the appropriate place for this question! Thank you!

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    Default Re: Non-powdery alternative to FlowerbyKenzo?

    Hey, welcome to Basenotes.

    Not sure if your query has been answered elsewhere but kinda sorry it has taken this long for anyone to respond. Anyway, what I remember of FlowerbyKenzo is of a nondescript floral over warm powdery vanillic base. As the floral component is vague, to suggest a similar floral fragrance would be a stab in the dark at best. But here's some of my favorite warm, non-powdery florals for you to try:-

    Diorissimo by Dior
    Organza by Givenchy
    Cedre by Serge Lutens
    Bulgari pour Femme

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    Default Re: Non-powdery alternative to FlowerbyKenzo?

    Thank you so much for these suggestions!! I just ordered samples of all of these at TPC, can't wait to try them! I really appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Non-powdery alternative to FlowerbyKenzo?

    A belated additional suggestion:
    perhaps Muschio Bianco by Acca Kappa. Niche quality at designer exclusive or even regular designer scent price, unisex and also office-wear suitability, in spite of the name, far more a translucent, creamy, uplifting white floral note with no powder, rather than the clean, almost soapy musky-mossy note it promises (nevertheless also present, but the shiny, light non-powdery florals have a particular way of standing out).

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    Default Re: Non-powdery alternative to FlowerbyKenzo?

    Wonderful, thank you! Added it to my wishlist.

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    Default Re: Non-powdery alternative to FlowerbyKenzo?

    I personally don't get much powder from Flower, but you can try the likely model for this perfume, that is, Royal Bain de Caron.


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    Default Re: Non-powdery alternative to FlowerbyKenzo?

    Try 34 Boulevard Saint Germain by Diptyque and/or Poo Poo Pidoo by Ego Facto
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