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    Default A good store in Europe?


    I've searched the forum and didn't quite find a good european located online store with proven original fragrances. Please point me to the direction.

    Also, is there some store that offers larger testers - 5ml? The local store had 90% in 1ml and I had a chance to snatch only 2 in 5ml. I fear they sell fakes anyways, so I am willing to pay extra euros for extra delivery. :P Looking forward to your help. If this is duplicate, please point me to right direction. THANKS :P

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    Default Re: A good store in Europe?

    Hi & welcome, greenleader

    We'll move this over to our Shopping section.

    Directory contribution link:-

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    Default Re: A good store in Europe?

    Hi again!

    First in Fragrance
    Premiere Avenue
    Alla Violetta

    all spring to mind in mainland Europe, plus many of the Houses have their own websites & sell direct.

    There should be more suggestions from members & there are many listed in this section but a lot depends on the brands that you're looking for..
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    Default Re: A good store in Europe?

    Also Essenza Nobile from Germany
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    Default Re: A good store in Europe?

    Great info....thanks....i used to think only luckyscent had ridiculous shipping fees internationally but theyre obviously not alone.

    The only time ive encountered reasonable shipping from overseas is with the great splitters on basenotes, who just charge at cost.

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