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    I would like to get a clean musk think: dryer sheets, powder, snow, clean, cozy.h
    I had experience with habanolide, ambrettolide, tonalid and muscone. I was anosmic to most of them, well after a while I could tell what they smelled like and recognized their diffusiveness though.
    I have been using PA's musk key accord ant that one i'm relatively anosmic to as well.
    Was thinking either auratouch or galaxolide (haven't experienced these yet). Can get only one though. What would you guys recommend?

    I would use them primarily to incorporate into clean scents and white florals.
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    Default Re: What musk to get from PA?

    Better buy a premade base like auratouch and auranone. Not a single molcule like galaxolide. Galaxolide is not so impressive on its own.
    Auranone though has a berry top note that makes it kinda feminine.
    Auratouch is a very safe musk blend to use for any fragrance, and that would be my choice.

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    Default Re: What musk to get from PA?

    Thank you!

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    I'd suggest not doing the same thing which I do repeatedly, which for me is repeatedly a mistake...

    The smallest sample costs $3. Shipping costs nearly $7.

    There's no end to the number of times that on evaluating a material I thought, "I doubt I will ever want to use this unless wanting to try a particular published accord or base," but then at a later date it occurred that for the particular project then, it could be just the answer to my problem, and it was. Or the number of times that something I'd thought about buying before but didn't, I wind up later deciding I need and pay $7 shipping to get a $3 item, or two or three such items. I've surely blown $100 on unnecessary extra shipping in the last year.
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    It makes sense Bill especially for an international order.

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    Default Re: What musk to get from PA?

    Buy every musk you come across that you can afford.
    You can check out my fragrances at
    While I work on the website, you can email me for any inquiries at

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