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    Default Re: Another Male fragrance thread !

    You may like Guerlain Derby
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    Default Re: Another Male fragrance thread !

    Thank you for your advice I will have a lot of fragrance to try during my next trip to Paris !

    I have tried Guerlain Heritage today, I really loved it ! L'instant de Guerlain too, In a different way

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    Default Re: Another Male fragrance thread !

    Finished my Heritage's sample, Liked it, but not loved it a little bit too peppery on the basenote to me .

    I had a bit of free time today so I tried some fresher fragrances, First of all Guerlain Homme EDP Intense, and I definitely liked it ! really clean, Also loved Concentre d'orange verte d'Hermes, But it didn't last really long . !

    Unfortunately, I live in a place where we mostly have moderate/cold weather, and I can't really imagine wearing these fragrance in winter . So they won't be on my priority list for now, they are not really masculine either but very enjoyable right after a shower !

    Pour monsieur de Chanel is one I really consider buying, At first really fresh but also really classy, I've seen on the Chanel's website that they are now selling an EDP version, I haven't found any informations about whether it's a new version or just the EDT Concentree renamed .

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    Default Re: Another Male fragrance thread !

    I Tested Pour monsieur de Chanel today( Classic EDT ),And I'm surprised, this is maybe my favorite and it seems to last on my skins for a moment, I put 1 spray on my wrist at 14:00, It's now 20:00 and I can still clearly smell it, I sprayed Eau Sauvage on my other wrist, and it was totally gone 1h30 later. It's a shame because It's also really great !

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    Default Re: Another Male fragrance thread !

    Well, My father must agree with me, This is the gift he gave me yesterday !

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    Default Re: Another Male fragrance thread !

    Smelled Roger & Gallet L'homme today, this is strong and now officially my most hated fragrance of all time !

    Chanel Pour monsieur is doing a good job, I love it more and more each day, I guess overly masculine fragrance are not really for me,

    Chanel Pour Monsieur, Eau sauvage, Acqua Di Parma Assoluta, are what I loved the best, Rive Gauche would be my favorite more " masculine " scent ,

    Guerlain DERBY is really interesting me from what i can read online, but only available in guerlain store, 400km for a fragrance ? Nope If someone wants to send me a sample, I will pay !

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    Default Re: Another Male fragrance thread !

    Try Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum and Prada Amber Homme Intense

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    Default Re: Another Male fragrance thread !

    I haven't tested Prada Amber yet but I tested out Eau Sauvage parfum today, it's pretty good ! Not as good as the original since it's totally different, but the longevity and the scent are great I might buy it in the future !

    Out of curiosity, I also tested Armani Eau pour homme, and Monsieur de Givenchy but unfortunately I really disliked both of them !

    I still haven't tried Guerlain Derby, Because I can't find sample anywhere in France, And I can't ask for it on the forum's marketplace because I'm a new member

    Monsieur de Chanel is really wonderful and one of my all time favorite ( with PUH de caron ) , but It would be fantastic if it were a bit more powerful ...

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    Default Re: Another Male fragrance thread !

    If Aramis came close but was too heavy, you might want to consider Azuree by Estee Lauder. Yes it's a woman's fragrance but it has the same vibe as Aramis. It's really unisex even if it's sold at the woman's counter. Another in the same vibe (all by the same brilliant nose, Bernard Chant) would be Cabochard.
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    Default Re: Another Male fragrance thread !

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaern View Post
    Testosterone = Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme
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    Default Re: Another Male fragrance thread !

    Thanks for your advices ! I would like to try azuree but. It seems not to be available in France unfortunately !

    I've given VC&A pour homme multiple try but I get a strange feeling with it, my nose is not trained enough I find the smell a bit synthetic

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