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    Default My first time sniffing in Harrods

    Just got back from the Harrods perfume dept.
    My first time and a little disappointed. My main beef is that there are no testing strips put out for you to help yourself, so everytime you want to try a frag you have to ask the sales rep and they spray a test strip for you. I just want to go about smelling at my own leisure thank you, without having to interact everytime I want to smell something.
    In the end I didn't smell as many as I wanted. The ones I did were:

    Roja Dove - Dhiagalev. Old school chypre. Opening reminds me of a designer chypre (can't remember which). Better in the dry down, but doesn't wow me at all.

    Leather Oud - glad I had the chance to smell this at last. Interesting and quite animalic, but not something I would wear.

    Creed - Spice and wood. Pleasant and smooth. Again, it's ok, but doesn't wow me.

    Clive Christian - L. M'eh. For the price I wanted WOW, I got yawn.

    I may go to Harvey Nichols tomorrow if my feet have recovered from Oxford Street shopping!

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    Default Re: My first time sniffing in Harrods

    Agreed. Harrods is a fantastic store for fragrance and luxury shopping, but it's quite irritating asking for paper strips every time you will test a fragrance. You should visit the Amouage store also. Not far from Harrods and Nich's.

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