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    Default Re: Help me pick a Vetiver that lasts

    Quote Originally Posted by volley2 View Post
    How about the Vetiver extrait by Roja Dove? Although I haven't smelled that one.
    Actually, I was about to say that vetiver by nature is long lasting. Except Roja's vetiver. Beautiful but turns into a skin scent too soon.
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    Default Re: Help me pick a Vetiver that lasts

    Infusion de Vetiver by Prada would be my choice.

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    Default Re: Help me pick a Vetiver that lasts

    Hi there Souryu. Personally I haven't purchased another vetiver fragrance in the last 4 years thanks to a fellow basenoter Trebor who introduced me to Vetiver oils. They have several advantages over fragrance sprays:
    1. You are not paying an extortionate amount for the oil as it costs around £10/5ml.
    2. The oil lasts a lot longer than the fragrance sprays.
    3. You only need a very tiny amount and is enough for at least 12 hours long projection.
    4. There are really radically different regional characteristics just like oud oils......varies from region to region.
    5. The oil is pure and natural.
    6. It's one of the finest layering agents I've ever had the pleasure to come across.
    7, 8, 9,.........blah, blah, blah!

    Three of my personal favourites are:
    1. Chocolaty and seriously complex Sri Lankan organic vetiver from Oshadi
    2. Silky smooth velvety Bourbon vetiver from Aquaoleum
    3. Smoky leathery butch Javanese vetiver from Aquaoleum
    For some super rare goodies check me out on ebay: scents-rarity
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    Default Re: Help me pick a Vetiver that lasts

    Quote Originally Posted by Souryu View Post
    Scents like Encre Noir won't fit the bill here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trauerkraut View Post
    Encre Noire - Lalique

    Many good ones mentioned already. I think Grey Vetiver or Vetiver Extraordinaire may work for you.
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    Default Re: Help me pick a Vetiver that lasts

    Quote Originally Posted by Preston H View Post
    I suggest you get your hands on a sample of Vetiver Royal Bourbon by Oriza L. Legrand. Best vetiver I've smelled in a long time. Maybe it fits you, it's worth a sample at least.
    This is another excellent suggestion IMO. Great scent.
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    Default Re: Help me pick a Vetiver that lasts

    Guerlain and Givenchy are Excellent!!!

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    Default Re: Help me pick a Vetiver that lasts

    That's a nice bunch of suggestions. Thanks for those. I'll check the availability and start sampling away.

    The vetiver done by Guerlain does not appeal to me. It reminds me of the smell at my dentist. The Givenchy Vetiver has caught my attention upon reading the notes but unfortunately it is not carried by any local distributor in my country and I could never try it.

    As for all the niche suggestions, I'll try and sample as many as I can the next time I take a trip to the city. I'm sure I'll end up finding what I'm looking for.

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    Default Re: Help me pick a Vetiver that lasts

    Dior Vetiver from the Prive collection is pretty much the best vetiver ever created. Try to get a bottle.
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    Default Re: Help me pick a Vetiver that lasts

    One other to try will be Mona di Orio's Vetiver. Its been a while a vetiver scent blew me away like this one did. Will be aquiring one soon.
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    Default Re: Help me pick a Vetiver that lasts

    Lubin's ones are great and long lasting!

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