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    Default refilling 1ml atomizers?

    Is there any way to refill 1ml atomizers? As in official sample ones? I ask because I like to take these on holiday with me instead of my big bottles and if I have an official sample bottle, I can then just refill from my big bottle but I can't see theres any way of taking the top off to refill them? Anyone know a way or will I have to throw them when done?

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    Default Re: refilling 1ml atomizers?

    I haven't tried to refill an official sample. It may be possible to pop out the top with a bit of force. Give it a go with an empty one.

    I tend to not use them for this very reason (so I can take them when travelling). It's also possible to decant into smaller atomisers and take those along.
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    Default Re: refilling 1ml atomizers?

    I'm always scared to decant into plain bottles incase they stop me and say its not an official sample, as I have these in my carry on bag with me. I guess its unlikely it would happen but knowing my luck!! Ive had them test my perfumes before through security!! Gatwick has always been real problematic. I'll try with a bit more force and see if I can get the lid off, that would be ideal.

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    Default Re: refilling 1ml atomizers?

    Travelling through Gatwick & Heathrow, l've not had any problem taking plain atomisers with me, whether in my hand luggage or in the hold. As long as they're in the requisite ziploc bag, you should be ok.
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    Default Re: refilling 1ml atomizers?

    As others were saying, some have the top that snaps off, but not all.

    But teardrop is right, there is absolutely no problem if you put in the required ziploc bag. It's not that it makes a difference if the vial looks official - they know a bomber could easily put the stuff into real bottles. And small vials don't arise suspicion - bigger bottles (whether official or otherwise) do.


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    Default Re: refilling 1ml atomizers?

    I think you've got a good idea, but I fear the original atomizers won't cooperate with it. Even when you get the top off, will the seal be good when you put the top back on? In my experience (Le Labo, Lutens, Roja), the atomizers turned out not to be reusable. For travelling, especially on a plane where there can be some added air pressure, I'd encourage trying the various small glass vials with the inverted cone inserts in the screw caps. It's that cone insert that makes the seal so secure. (But the ones without the cones would probably work fine too.) Here's the URL for a website in the States, for example, that specializes in such vials: As you'll see, they come in multiple small sizes: 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 5/8, and 1 dram (where a dram is 3.69mL). While you don't get the atomizer feature, you get security instead.

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    Default Re: refilling 1ml atomizers?

    I see what your saying, yes the seal issue is probably the biggest issue :/ Ah It was a nice idea but guess I will have to throw them!

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