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    Default Amouage - without frankincense

    Is there any male Amouage without frankincense or other smoky components?

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    Default Re: Amouage - without frankincense

    Ciel, to me a sporty frag utterly unworthy of the price. Lyric is a rose that also smells a bit sporty to me too; some people detect incense in there, but I don't. My favorite is Silver, a citrus cologne with some powder and flowers. It has incense listed in the notes, but in tiny amounts. However, I think this has shifted over time, so I don't know what the current version smells like.

    Of course, there are more if you want to try the female side: Gold and Dia, for instance.


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    Default Re: Amouage - without frankincense

    Ciel would definitely be the one to consider as cited above - no frankincense.
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    Lyric Man is a nice and fairly versatile rose fragrance. I would suggest testing it as it took me a few wears to appreciate. It struck me as slightly feminine at first until I got accustomed to the opening. Not sure if it has incense, but it's more powdery/soapy than smoky. I have a sample of Ciel, and while it's quite fresh and vibrant, it didn't blow me away. I would choose Lyric over it easily.

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