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    Default Vintage perfume bottle information required for novice

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and wondered whether any kind individuals can help me with information and the best way to sell some really old vintage perfumes which are sealed in their plastic wrappers. These were from our relative who passed away who had just left them in a drawer.

    1) Christina parfum by Dadi - I don't know the fl oz
    2) Intimate parfum by Revlon 1/4 fl oz
    3) Habanita by Molinard 1/2 fl oz No 162 - I think this is perfume, but it doesn't say it on the bottle
    4) Ecusson parfum by Jean D'Albret 0.25 fl oz - the folded edge of the plastic wrap has started to come loose on this one due to age.

    I have looked on eBay and some of these are going for 60 a bottle and none of them are sealed in their plastic wrapping. Does this add a lot to the value of the perfume? Any information regarding dates, popularity, value etc would be greatly appreciated.

    I have attached some pictures to help.

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Vintage perfume bottle information required for novice

    Ebay is probably the most convenient place to sell. Prices can be a little random, and I haven't followed these. Habanita is the most famous, and if it's a parfum, you should be able to get more than 60 pounds. the others I don't know, Revlon isn't as sought after, and I have never heard of the Christina. Original plastic wrap is good in this case.
    You should probably do some more searches and wait. Remember that listed prices are not the same as prices for which the products do actually sell. There are many perfumes that are listed at some price but stay there forever. So you should look at prices of actual sales.


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