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    Default Maria Candida Gentile new line Flight of the Bumblebee

    A 2014 debut:

    All connected by a honey note, but I didn't find myself warming to the note pyramids I must admit. Will still be worth sampling no doubt...

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    Default Re: Maria Candida Gentile new line Flight of the Bumblebee

    I tested them all and they all pretty much disappointed me considering the (considerably much higher) quality of the rest of her line. Syconium is the nicest of them all in my opinion (but just a tad above decent), basically a fairly sweet resinous-honey scent with floral notes, woods (sweet as well, like sandalwood), something greenish which shall be that fig leaf note although I did not get it that clear, then tonka/vanilla and spices - I would not define it a "gourmand" though, as it smells quite dry (I thought more of a house garden in the Mediterranean countryside). Leucò was pretty much *nothing* on my skin, I smelled cashmeran, a faint note of tuberose, an ultra-delicate green note and nothing else, and it eventually completely vanished after 5 minutes. I even reapplied it but it was too delicate to come up with an opinion about it. Kitrea is another Mediterranean ozonic scent with amber, resins and flowers and other stuff to "warm up" the calone note and make it smell gentler. It's not bad, but she made some similar ones already (like Finisterre) and this smells a bit like a rework of that one (and others). Plus the persistence is really short and it smells quite close to skin.

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    Default Re: Maria Candida Gentile new line Flight of the Bumblebee

    Thanks for giving us your rundown Colin.
    I must say I usually run in the opposite direction when fragrances aim for a sunny Mediterranean vibe, so wasn't too keen on these to begin with - but, as you say, the rest of her line is of decent quality, with a few gems IMO, so I felt somewhat duty bound to give these a go. Not so sure now...

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    Default Re: Maria Candida Gentile new line Flight of the Bumblebee

    Thanks for your observations.
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