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    Default Tom Ford Noir EDP


    Interestingly there are no much discussions about this one in the BN threads

    despite it is from TM

    Is it too bad and not worth it ?
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    Only you can know if it's worth it since only you can know if it smells good to you, not to mention that it's your wallet.

    I think this one is an interesting release. A recent men's designer with civet? You don't see that at places like Sephora very often. Personally, I like it.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    It's beautiful. Soft, warm, sweet, powdery. Perfect for autumn/winter I think.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    Just wasn't for me.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    Really enjoy this a sample from Sepora this past weekend. Can't get enough of it at the moment.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    Have tried it. Wasn't unpleasant, but nothing special.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    One that I really Love!!!

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    Loved it and might include it on my "full bottle worthy" list. Rich, smooth, however not overly heavy nor formal, with just that extra touch of "darkness" without being too edgy or controversial and of mature masculinity, without ever being too butch or dated.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    I like it. But I am not in any rush to buy it.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    I have so far only tried the EdT which I liked. I'll try this the next time I see it around.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    Love both EdT and EdP!

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    Love it, really good night time scent on me, especially in cooler weather.

    I've tried the edt, though not side by side with the edp, and found them too similar to warrant buying the edt when I already own the edp. When time comes to buy Noir again I'll look more into which I prefer.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    My signature scent, if I ever had one.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    I am a big fan of Tom Ford, but when I tried this one I just though "meh, whatever..." it's just a bit too generic for a Tom Ford offering.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    I found it mundane smelling and a major letdown. I am not a huge Tom Ford composition fan generally so I don't know why I had high expectations to begin with, but every once an a while a standout offering like Patchouli Absolue is released, so I guess there is still some hope.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Noir EDP

    I tried it today
    It smells like a rotten Dior homme intense
    Very disappointing

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