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Thread: Atelier Cologne

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    Default Atelier Cologne

    Which fragrance is the best for men?
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    Default Re: Atelier Cologne

    For me, it would be Gold Leather.

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    Default Re: Atelier Cologne

    Just ordered a sample set from them - will let you know my thoughts when I have gone through them - looking forward to trying Rose Anonyme
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    Default Re: Atelier Cologne

    Gold Leather is my favorite.

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    Default Re: Atelier Cologne

    I liked Ambre Nu
    Also liked Mistral Patchouli
    Vetiver Fatal
    Oolong Infini
    and the Rose
    But found these to be too much of skin scents.
    Didn't care for the Gold Leather or Silver Iris

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    Default Re: Atelier Cologne

    Of the 17 I have, the ones below are among my favorites:

    Trefle Pur
    Cedrat Enivrant
    Gold Leather
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    Default Re: Atelier Cologne

    I own and wear
    Cedrat Enivrant
    Orange Sanguine
    Rose Anonyme (limited metal edition)

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    Default Re: Atelier Cologne

    ...Mistral Patchouli...!!

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    Default Re: Atelier Cologne

    Gold Leather.

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    Default Re: Atelier Cologne

    My favorites are Orange Sanguine and Vetiver Fatal.
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    Default Re: Atelier Cologne

    Cedrat Enivrant and Vetiver Fatal are my favourites

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