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    Default Introduction + recommendations?

    Hi everyone ,

    I'm John from the UK. I have used colognes for a long time but I've never really used them 'properly' in that I just sprayed what I had without thinking about the season, occasion etc. I've started really getting into them now, and have purchased quite a few different ones and I think my nose is more tuned up now as I'm starting to pick up the different notes and appreciating each fragrance.

    I do have Creed Aventus (well at least a 30ml split) and wow am I impressed. The first day I wore this, a girl just walked up and said to me "I don't normally like men that wear colognes but God you smell amazing". I like how long this lasts and projects, I sprayed two or three times and it was projecting like crazy! One spray to me just doesn't do it, but once I get at least 2 I find it makes the biggest difference! Definitely one I'll be buying more of.

    Does anyone have any recommendations available in the UK market for fragrances which project well and last long? Preferably at a price suitable for everyday use. Davidoff Cool Waters I find is very good, I like the smell and I received a few compliments with this - but I hope everyone can understand me when I say it is quote a common fragrance. I know there's a lot of recommendations already online, but a lot aren't available in the UK market which is a huge shame, or at least they are very tricky to find .

    Thanks everyone!
    Hope to see you all around.

    - John.

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    Default Re: Introduction + recommendations?

    Hi John, welcome to Basenotes! All I can say is keep sampling. I used to blind buy a lot but ended up having bottles I dont like. Out of my 50ish bottles I probably rotate around 10. Go to big department stores like John Lewis, Fenwick, Debenhams they usually have the most collection of fragrances. Boots and Superdrug had good stocks aswell. Specialist shops like The Perfume shop and The Fragrance shop also does good deals. A tip though, I always buy online once I find the fragrance I like. Good sites like Allbeauty, Fragrancedirect and FeelUnique usually is cheaper than the high street shops. Good luck on fragrance hunting and don't forget to post reviews!

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    Default Re: Introduction + recommendations?

    By the way my suggestion is Azzaro Chrome and Versace Pour homme.

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    Default Re: Introduction + recommendations?

    Have you tried Fahrenheit? If you like it, it's a great all around fragrance. I have a new bottle and like it a lot.

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    Default Re: Introduction + recommendations?

    Welcome to you John! I don't remember or know which store in the UK carries them but other UK Basenoters have spoken of their availability. Perhaps try out some from the Montale, Mancera or Etat Libre D'Orange lines. You might find something that is to your liking.
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    Default Re: Introduction + recommendations?

    Another Creed you should enjoy is Green Irish Tweed.

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    Default Re: Introduction + recommendations?

    Hi John

    I've just joined the forum myself, though have used the site many times. I'm also based in the UK.

    I'll echo Pol_mark's tips. A trip to Debenhams, John Lewis, or House of Fraser is definitely worth it. It's worth sampling, and if you get talking to the staff in the fragrance sections you can often pick up some free samples. You'll also occasionally get some good prices in the department stores, Boots and the high st perfume shops. I'd definitely also recommend price-checking online - I've had some excellent bargains on Allbeauty.

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    Default Re: Introduction + recommendations?

    If you like Cool Water, definitely try Green Irish Tweed. The openings are different, they are similar a little after you first spray, but diverge after that. Some say that they smell a lot alike, but only for a little while IMO. Overall they are quite different. The longevity is excellent for me. Usually 10+ hours, sometimes 12.
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    Default Re: Introduction + recommendations?

    If you like Aventus then you'll love Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford.
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    Default Re: Introduction + recommendations?

    Welcome to Basenotes John!!! It's Great to have You here!!!

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