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    Has anybody ever purchased from this site before? They have discontinued Serge Lutens fragrance and another that I am looking for, so I am leaning toward purchasing, but I have had some bad experiences online, so I am somewhat paranoid about online purchasing. They seem relatively new, so I am not familiar with them and would like a rec. They do accept Paypal, however, so that is somewhat comforting because I have buyer protection. I am just ambivalent. Thanks in advance and happy holidays!

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    First time I have heard of this site. Will take a look as my curiosity has peeked.
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    I read the title as Savewithserge!!!!!! LOL

    I thought uncle Serge had started a saving bank. LOL!!!!!! Hey, it early.
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    Not sure how you're supposed to "save" with streger fragrances considering they're waaaaaay overpriced, but it's an interesting place to look at some discontinued frags.

    Annanas Fiz for $260?

    My wardrobe is up to date as of 5/22/16.

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    Really overpriced, and I doubt people on a budget are ever going to buy any of that stuff.

    I mean, come on, for most folks there is some degree of substitutability among fragrances. Who would buy Escada pour Homme for $350?

    The fragrance lover (aka average Basenoter)?

    No, perhaps there are many other stuff they can buy for $350- Creeds and Amouages...

    The person who has been wearing Escada pour Homme all their lives?

    No. Since this was discontinued a while back, and was never as popular as Cool Water or Acqua di Gio, my conjecture is that they have switched or (more unlikely) have stocked up and would then switch sometime in future.

    The deep-pocket fragrance collector?

    The most likely person, and also the most likely person to already have a 99% full bottle of it in their 250+ collection.

    The average bloke out on the street?
    Absolutely not!

    A lot of people would think that these are the prices these fragrances are selling at. It is important to remember that these are just prices being asked, not necessarily prices at which transactions are occurring. Just my two cents........

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    I would not recommend. I attempted to purchase from this seller on eBay (or at least someone with the same username). I made my payment, and almost three months later, I had not received my purchase. I attempted to contact the seller and got no response. The seller eventually responded to my requests, but didn't have sufficient funds in their account to refund my money. I did eventually get a refund through PayPal, but it was not a positive experience.

    As I said, I really don't know if this is in fact the same person I dealt with via eBay, but they do have the same username. I was trying to purchase a discontinued Serge Lutens fragrance at a very reasonable price. I did end up getting a decant from Surrender to Chance, and I was very happy with that transaction.

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