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    Default Signature Dry-down

    All Creed fragrances seem to have that common ambergris dry down, are there other houses out there that have their own signature dry down? I think it's a brilliant idea.
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    Default Re: Signature Dry-down

    The whole Cereus line seems to share an ISO E Super dry-down.

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    Default Re: Signature Dry-down

    The famous Guerlinade (essentially gourmand-leathery in a pleasant Old School style, the perfect balance between vanilla and civet), as well as a certain barbershop-like drydown (mostly soapy, yet in a superior and tastefully restrained way) in most ADP fragrances.

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    Default Re: Signature Dry-down

    David Jourquin fragrances seem to have the same vibe in their dry down.
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    Default Re: Signature Dry-down

    Most of the Mugler fragrances for men seem to share a common theme in their dry-down phases.

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    Default Re: Signature Dry-down

    I don't think it's brilliant because it ,generally speaking, makes the line boring.

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    Default Re: Signature Dry-down

    Tauer comes to mind with his Tauerade.
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    Default Re: Signature Dry-down

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