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    Ok, I'm relatively new to this, and I fell for Vetiver. I've bought a ton of decants, and am now buying some bigger bottles of some I liked. Sycamore, & Malle to be specific. I'm ordering these two from reputable dealers, one actually direct from Chanel, and am steering clear of Amazon, because I've read posts that warn against buying from them. I really like Lalique Encre Noire... Lasted a long time, wonderful scent, and extremely cheap. Is there someplace else I can buy this from safely? Nordstroms sales it for 100$, don't think they have seen the memo saying to cut its price. Perfume. Com, are they reputable? Thanks for any help

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    Fragrancenet is legit.
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    Amazon is only risky if the seller listed is anyone but the manufacturer. I just bought La Nuit De L'Homme and the seller was YSL yet it was $58 instead of $85 at Macy's. Wholesale prices are nice. Definitely recommend Fragrancenet as well (they were $58 plus shipping on the YSL)...always wait for 20% off site-wide for fragrancenet though

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    If the seller is Amazon themselves is that OK?

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    If it says "ships and sold from Amazon" then yes. If it says "fulfilled" by Amazon then you never know... they're just processing the order on behalf of a third party in that case.

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    I don't know why you would want Encre Noire when you have Sycomore. They are almost the same. Sycomore is just more smooth.

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    +1 Fragrancenet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by big70tom View Post
    If the seller is Amazon themselves is that OK?
    Absolutely it is fine if Amazon is the seller of record.
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    Just go with Fragrancenet.
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    You can buy it from Amazon provided it is sold by either Amazon LLC or by the authorised seller via Amazon, your shipment shall arrive quickly.
    You can buy it from fragrancenet with 21 off, and you can buy some samples with your order.
    In either case, enjoy!

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    Fragrancenet will be your best bet.

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    I wish I could find one place that had everything... Lol LuckyScent doesn't have Encre Noire, Fragrance net doesn't have knize, amazon doesn't have knize.... Lol

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    I have bought at least 20 times from amazon and all were legit fragrances. Great des also. As well as amazon being where i got my encre noir and it was totally legit. Just read the reputation and see how long have they have been around.

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    I'd go with Parfum1 first, and Fragrancenet second.
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