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    Question C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum

    Did you all know you can buy this on

    I'm surprised. In a good way.

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    Default Re: C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum

    I for one didn't realize that it was being sold there. Interesting.
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    Default Re: C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum

    Interestingly enough, I purchased this one online and just received it today in the mail. It is a very well done Bay Rhum, thanks to Marais for turning me on to it.

    It is more "professional" smelling than my other go-to bay rhum, Meehan Bay Rhum from Donny Boon Farm--C & O Bigelow has a slightly more synthetic vibe (not a bad thing) whereas Meehan Bay Rhum is more like a homemade brew (both are really good though). Hard to say which one I prefer right now, I have to give the C & O some more wearings and see how it performs throughout the day. Meehan has middling longevity, although if you get it on fabric (e.g. splash under your shirt then put your shirt on) it lasts all day long and then some. Meehan smells a bit more "old school," C & O Bigelow more modern.

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    Default Re: C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum

    Yes, recently purchased it from Well-priced, prompt service, and a great Bay Rum fragrance.

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    Default Re: C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum

    Super spicy--too spicy--bay rum.

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    Default Re: C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum

    It's on my Holiday list.

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    Default Re: C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum

    I'm wearing this today. In the heart, hours 2-3, I actually get a cumin-esque note, that, when smelled up close, kind of has the smell of sweat and makes it a bit dirty. Right now (around hour 4), that note is gone. It actually doesn't bother me that much, but I just thought it was weird that it was in there.

    Is anybody else getting that note?

    I still like the scent, though.

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