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    Default Vintage 1930'S 'OBERON' Bottle with Sterling Silver cap & Glass Wand Restored

    I purchased a Vintage 1930'S 'OBERON' Bottle with a beautiful filigree Sterling Silver Cap & Glass Wand hoping to be able to use it for my own daily fragrant edification, but alas the cork material that held the glass wand into the silver caps, had long ago crumbled and the wand was about ready to fall out. I sat with a nice glass of Chardonnay to consider my options and the wine turned out to be the answer! (well, the cork was anyways)
    I cleaned the old cork and glue out of the cap with 200 dba perfumers alcohol from 'Save on Scents, Inc.' (useful for so many things) and then set to carefully measuring the depth of the cap (having noted where the old glue line was) I then cut the cured (wet part) of the wines cork in half. Then I pushed the bottom 'ring' of the cap onto the cork-face with considerable pressure, leaving a perfect round imprint in the cork. This gave me a guide to follow and I set to using an exacto knife to cut the cork away down through to make a perfectly circular cylinder.
    I then cut it to the length of the caps depth. Finally I used a 1/16" drill on very slow speed to create a hole in the center. I slid the slightly thicker glass wand up through the hole, hoping the cured / wet cork would be pliable enough not to split and crack (like the dry end surely would). I then squirted some clear odorlous non-toxic silicon gel adhesive into the very bottom wall of the inside of the cap, and slid (and screwed the cork into the cap using a Yellow CORN on the COB holder (!) with the 2 prongs slightly stuck into the cork so I could manipulate it and turn it while I push it in. Then I let it dry for a good many days. Finally I have a usable Restored OBERON bottle and I filled it with 'ANUBIS' by Papillon sent to me by Basenotes: 'jensz' (along with some Lovely NORNE by Slumberhouse as a thank you for the Vintage White Box Amouage TRIBUTE 10ml I sent her as a part of my very first split host of a 30ml bottle. ANUBIS really feels appropriate for the bottle too!

    So there we are, a 90 year old precious and special bottle (I've never seen 2 with the same design on the cap BTW)Restored and Back in Daily Use. It made someone happy a long time ago, I like to think a little of their energy survives in this talisman of appreciation.


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    Default Re: Vintage 1930'S 'OBERON' Bottle with Sterling Silver cap & Glass Wand Restored

    What great pictures! Thanks for your story. Very instructive and encouraging. It's so much better than the old broken one, to be sure!
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    Default Re: Vintage 1930'S 'OBERON' Bottle with Sterling Silver cap & Glass Wand Restored

    Amazing photos and great story! thanks!

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