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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    Amber Xtreme™
    Cetalox / Ambrox DL (Firmenich)
    Cuir HF (Synarome)
    Labdanum Resinoid
    Musk R1 (Givaudan)
    Olibanol (Robertet)
    Orris Concrete
    Sandalwood (Mysore) EO
    Wormwood EO

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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    there are som many but here is whats come to mind :

    * Veramoss
    * Liffarome
    * Orris Concrete
    * Vetyverome Firm
    * Liatrix
    * Jasminlactone
    * Iso Butavan
    * Cardamome
    * Spirogalbanone Giv
    * Civettone

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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    I'm still new to the wide world of perfumery but here's my list, working off my past experiences, delights, and associations.

    * Myrrh - Got me into the perfumery game. I used to wear it neat, slathered on, for a good two years. It drove people crazy in a good way.
    * Patchouli - Addictive scent that my father always comments on when I'm wearing it (neat as well).
    * White Lotus Abs - Ridiculously expensive but it smells so lush, watery, and almost dead/damp in a way that satisfies.
    * Saffron Abs - The iodine-like tinge is really gorgeous...both sultry and sophisticated.
    * Tobacco Abs - Delicious and deep.
    * Oakmoss Abs - Really mysterious. I have an empty bottle that I keep around just to open up and sniff!
    * Civet Tincture - Every time I open the bottle I'm blown away. I made a stinky, rudimentary fragrance with something like 15% tincture that tests my confidence every time I wear it to work.
    * Labdanum Abs - I spray my girlfriend in this. Devoid of benzoin and/or vanilla, it's what I've always wanted from a commercial amber that I've never got.
    * Mint - By itself, my girlfriend says I smell like toothpaste. Mixed with about any ingredient, and suddenly I'm in a meditative, cool-as-steel state of don't f*#% with me. Really centers me.
    * Agarwood - Multi-faceted, powerful, and gorgeous worn neat.

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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    1). labdanum absolute
    2). patchouli e.o.
    3). bergamot e.o.
    4). jasmine e.o.
    5). lavender absolute
    6). rose e.o.
    7). timbersilk a.c.
    8). tonquitone deer musk a.c.
    9). cedar wood e.o.
    10). basil e.o.
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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    oakmoss abs : inky and mysterious
    vetiver bourbon EO : calm my mind
    cedar EO : woody and long lasting
    labdanum : long lasting, sweet ambery scent
    tobacco abs : warm, sweet
    myrrh : old temple alike
    peru balsam : 1 of labdanum best friend
    birch tar EO : smoky and calming
    pink peppercorn EO : interesting, many facet
    black pepper EO : remind me of TdH, manly scent

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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    Quote Originally Posted by caromo View Post
    Cypriol, Ambroxan, Iso E Super, Galbanum, Cistus, Adoxal, Frankincense EO, Habanolide, Ambergris Olifac, Saffraleine.... but much more....

    Oh my gosh, this is like a laundry list of all my fave notes. 😀

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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    Bump! Informative thread

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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    Just found this. Bump worthy.

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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    Might as well add mine, at least so far in my DIY fragrance journey...
    Ambroxan (so gorgeous)
    Cyclamen Aldehyde
    Dihydro Myrcenal
    Isobornyl Acetate
    Safraleine (wow!)

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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    My experience is with naturals of plant origin. I would include ambergris and musk were they not problematic. These are things I experience as almost complete perfumes in themselves in spite of being raw materials.

    Unsoaked Vietnamese oud oil
    Malinau / Borneo oud oil
    Santalum album
    Santalum spicatum
    Cassis bud
    Orris butter
    Jasmine grand
    Jasmine sambac
    Rose otto

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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    Labdanum Absolute
    Tobacco Absolute
    Davana EO
    Mimosa Absolute
    Tonka Absolute
    Cocoa Absolute
    English Oakwood C02
    Patchouli Dark EO
    1. Christian Dior - Eau Noire
    2. Slumberhouse - Ore
    3. Tom Ford - Amber Absolute
    4. Tom Ford - Tobacco Vanille
    5. Xerjoff - Naxos
    6. Xerjoff - Regio
    7. Tauer - L`Air du Desert Marocain
    8. By Kilian - Back to Black
    9. Xerjoff - Ivory Route
    10. Parfums de Marly - Oajan

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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    This will be mostly EO's since that's what I'm used so far:
    1.) Vetiver- makes everything dirty in the best possible way.
    2.) Cedar (Virginia) - fresh cut cedar wood is addicting.
    3.) Iso E Super - reminds me of cedar wood but in a more diffusive way.
    4.) Patchouli - (see vetiver)
    5.) Jasmine (synthetic or absolute) - Seems to smooth and bind everything together in a beautifully narcotic way.
    6.) Coumarin - Soothing like vanilla but also warm and toasty.
    7.) Bergamot
    8.) Basil - herbaceous and lifting.
    9.) Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol (Natural) - ordered this on accident from PA and it was the happiest mistake of the year. Sweet rose scent. I could wear this as a one-note fragrance.
    10.) Calamus - this does wicked things to polite scents.

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    Default Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    Quote Originally Posted by mumsy View Post
    Gosh this is hard to narrow down but here goes. It's hard to distinguish favourites from those I like working with because of course the favourites are used so sparingly.

    Currently I'm really enjoying playing with some coffee tinctures I have made (of many sorts again).

    Well it has to be civet really for it's ability to enrich a fragrance, but again I shall have to find a good substitute. I was going to tincture some civet coffee, but after seeing how they were treated, then I changed my mind forever and will never buy civet coffee.
    mumsy I know you're probably not active on the forum, maybe anyone else could advise how can we make a coffee tinctures for the fragrances use?

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