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Thread: M7 oud absolu

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    Default M7 oud absolu


    What do you think ?

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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    Like this one. Intoduction to oud IMO. Perfect for fall and winter. Light mandarine orange, rose and a touch of patchouli. A touch of Amber in the drydown that last about 7 hours.

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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    It's not as potent as the vintage or 1st reform, but if you don't own either of those it's 100% worth owning a bottle of. The dry down in Absolu is like a caramel combined with a touch of incense.

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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    It's less powdery and less musky than the original M7, and of course less tenacious. I loved the original so it's a no brainer for me to love this one as it's a little fresher and more modern, and the Oud is a little more dominant, but it still has the original M7 DNA written all over it.

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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    Own it and love it.
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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    I own this and the original. Love them both but end up wearing this one more often.
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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    its good.
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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    It is very good. Not identical to the original or the reformulation, but good enough where I would recommend getting this one rather than spending too much trying to get the earlier versions.
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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    It's lovely. I bought it for my partner and he likes it so much that he wears it most days. It's great on him. He leaves a gorgeous trail in the morning.
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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    Oops. Sorry, double post.

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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    Is good reformulation. Worthy of carrying the M7 name.

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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    It's a good reformulation but I wasn't impressed. M7OA is much weaker and I didn't get the tenacity that I expected from it.
    I own vintage M7 and don't really wear it. I like to smell it more from the sprayer. I wish that effect could be reached by the fragrance on my skin.
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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    Enjoyed it for the first hour until it faded to pretty much a skin scent.

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    Default Re: M7 oud absolu

    Own it and Love it!!!

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