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    Lightbulb Nidor Cosmetics, Fragrances, Home, Bath & Body

    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about a brand, which I have been working on for 5 years and finally, it, will launch summer this year.

    If you are part of this forum then you more than likely will share a passion of not only fragrances but for smells in general. I will never forget the first time I visited Paris, although it had been raining there was a sense of freshness and calmness, the smell of the damp grass and showered flowers. Although, I may not wish this to be my choice of fragrance this is what inspired me to create something brilliant that I could share with anyone.

    People, I feel, are either obsessed with fragrances (a good obsession) or, they donít really mind what they spray on before on their way to work or to meet friends. I however, think so carefully about what fragrance I wear. What is my general mood today? Will I be situated within a cozy hotel bar or sitting in Covent Gardens watching some marvelous entertainers.

    Fragrance can instantly make someone even if they arenít wearing the fragrance, happy; in my history with fragrances anyway this is the case.

    So my journey started with what I would like my brand to represent, and that is me, I want my brand to showcase the things in life that I love, and im sure many others will do too.

    Big brands without going into too much detail have been either taken over by large cosmetic companies, or, have lost touch with how they originally started which made some of us fall in love with that brand in the first place.

    So, thatís a little history of Nidor Cosmetics and I hope you all will join me in celebrating fragrances not bound by streamlining and ďmass market productionĒ, lets face it, who wants to smell like every other person? I donít.

    We have a website just now, just search Nidor Cosmetics in google it will give you an idea of what we will be bringing out in summer 2015. Our 4 initial fragrances will launch in summer check the descriptions out.

    Much love
    Jordan x

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    Default Re: Nidor Cosmetics, Fragrances, Home, Bath & Body

    Welcome to you and good look with this exciting endeavor!
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    Default Re: Nidor Cosmetics, Fragrances, Home, Bath & Body

    Thank you! Hednic.

    It is truely an exciting time for me. Keep an eye on our website and Instagram. Scent cards will be available to be requested to have a taster of what's to come this summer.

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    Default Re: Nidor Cosmetics, Fragrances, Home, Bath & Body

    Thanks for the info and good luck.

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    Default Re: Nidor Cosmetics, Fragrances, Home, Bath & Body

    Welcome and good luck
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