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    Default Where to shop in New Hampshire?

    Outside the malls where are good places to shop for fragrances in New Hampshire? Or more like a New Hampshire to Boston stretch? I just moved to NH a year ago and am clueless for ideas as to where to go outside like say Portsmouth and Boston. Any tips or help would be very much appreciated!

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    Thats a tricky one! I also live in New Hampshire but have found that the only really good options are Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue in Boston, Ma. There is a pretty basic store in Kittery, Me called Perfumania (although its more of an outlet with designer fragrances only). If you end up finding anything else Id love to know!!

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    Default Re: Where to shop in New Hampshire?

    Use Xwalker local shopping search to search thousands of items on sale at top local retailers to make easy your shopping.

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    Ok, so after a few years of living here I can say that I've found a few gems and all three in Portsmouth, NH. Pickwick's Mercantile, Lady Pickwick's and Pickwick's At the Banke. I've only been to the first two stores and can report that they are great for fragrances, high end , niche and some hard to find. The staff is very helpful and lovely (and dressed up in vintage attire!). Not been to the Strawbery Banke, that's the correct spelling BTW, yet but I think their stock it similar to the other two stores.

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    There is a Macy's in Bedford, a TJ Maxx in Concord and a Perfumania in Tilton.
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