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Thread: ScentBird?

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    Any dudes on here or their wives/girlfriends a member of this service? I ask because I really like their Chanel travel spray-style atomizers and wonder if I could join up, snag the goodies, then opt to refill my own atomizers to replace that they've sent...


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    What exactly does this service provide its customers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    What exactly does this service provide its customers?
    From what I've gathered reading several reviews posted on various blogs, it's a women's thing where you sign up for like 15 bucks, they send you a refillable atomizer and 8ml of juice of your choice. Then when the next month comes along, you can try something new (replacing the refillable vial inside, keeping the original atomizer) or choose to order more of what you've been sampling. I guess it's a monthly 15 buck fee. Not sure how canceling the service plays out. So I was thinking join for a month, grab the goods, empty the vial and refill with my own juice and keep/use the free atomizer for traveling. Total cost = $15 I'm guessing.

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    I have a Scentbird subscription (am lady). You can sign up for one month and pay a full $15 for the case and an atomizer filled with a fragrance. The vial is able to be unscrewed and the liquid changed out. The vial is glass, the case is probably an aluminum alloy. They're well built. The vial is labeled with a sticker for the fragrance inside. I'm not sure if the sticker is easily removed, if it matters to you.

    As far as canceling the subscription is concerned, I am fairly certain that as long as you log into your account before the 5th of the month following your first fragrance, you can cancel without any fees, etc. The fifth is when they lock in everyone's fragrance choice for that month, so I don't know how easy it would be to cancel after that date. Hope that helps!

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