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    Default Indie Perfumer sites and Number of Offerings

    I visit a lot of independent perfumer's websites and wonder how they decide how many different fragrances to offer. I've seen anywhere from about five to literally dozens. Too few and it seems you may be too new to be really good yet (yes I know this is just a bias), and too many and it seems as if you just make small tweaks to existing scents and put things up for sale haphazardly or the volume of choices is overwhelming. Seeing as we have several independent perfumers here I was hoping to solicit opinions as to what seems a good number to pique enough interest in a visitor to make a purchase?

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    Default Re: Indie Perfumer sites and Number of Offerings

    When I launch my line this year I will initially be offering four fragrances.
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    Default Re: Indie Perfumer sites and Number of Offerings

    I can't remember the original paper on this or the exact finding, but if it's of interest to you Google might turn it up.

    A pretty substantial was done on consumer satisfaction as a function of the number of choices offered. A question very related to yours would be: what number of choices gives the greatest feeling of satisfaction among your potential customers? That is very similar to what they studied, the difference being they studied satisfaction of actual buyers not just browsers. But I'd guess the concept applies.

    What they found was that too much choice results in less satisfaction.

    The reason appeared to be doubt generated when there were too many offerings. "Should I really have bought A? Because their B also sounded so good and so similar, I couldn't really figure which would suit me better... I don't know what to buy..." This either gets a sale with less feeling of satisfaction in having made the purchase, or could result in no sale, the customer instead finding a vendor who has a specific product they are sure of, over the others in the offering.

    It can be different when a store is offering lots of brands, and a customer may be decided on a given brand or two, and therefore hundreds of offerings get automatically narrowed down to few.

    But as a new vendor with only your own brand, it seems to me that too many choices is against this aspect of customer psychology.

    Where products are so obviously different that there's no indecision, no lack of confidence in having made the right choice, no problem.

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    Default Re: Indie Perfumer sites and Number of Offerings

    Yes, thanks Bill. My feelings are inline with this research. I'll look it up for myself and appreciate your input.

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    Default Re: Indie Perfumer sites and Number of Offerings

    And thank you! That is a source, on the same subject, that I had not read and is valuable.

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