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    Default KC Mankind and Silver Mountain Water... am I going crazy?

    After a trip to the my local Macy's, I got to try a bunch of fragrances. I'll give you my impression of some of what I smelt and then get to the part that has to do with the thread title.

    One of the saleswomen was obnoxiously desperate to sell Intenso, which smelt horrible. I got like 5 sample cards from her during my stay at Macy's. I was surprised at how much Dior Homme Eau smells like a department store. Versace man eau fraiche smelt like a foul armpit. Burberry Brit Rythme smelt good, even though I'm not really into powdery scents. Light Blue was a surprising disappointment as it smelt to me way too citrusy. I dont understand the hate for Invictus, didn't think it was bad at all. And finally, I tried some Kenneth Cole Mankind. Woah. I would have never imagined it to be that great considering I own Reaction and don't like it. So about 4 hours later, I'm laying down on my phone and I smell a trace of SMW where I sprayed Mankind. I own samples of SMW, so I figured some of it must have just got on my pillow. Sure enough, where I sprayed Mankind 4 hours earlier now smelt very much like SMW in it's inky vibe. Am I going crazy or has anyone else noticed an inkiness to Kenneth Cole Mankind that's similar to SMW?

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    Default Re: KC Mankind and Silver Mountain Water... am I going crazy?

    I personally don't smell any likeness between the two, but that doesn't mean it's not there for you. Just different perceptions perhaps.
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    Default Re: KC Mankind and Silver Mountain Water... am I going crazy?

    I think you're going crazy
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    Default Re: KC Mankind and Silver Mountain Water... am I going crazy?

    +1 for Crazy !
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    Default Re: KC Mankind and Silver Mountain Water... am I going crazy?

    I haven't smelled that, but I have also made associations with seemingly unconnected scents myself. So I bet there is something that youre brain is latching onto that is shared by the two.

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