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    Default Anyone here have experience wearing pure oud oil?

    I was gifted these 2 vials by a family member who recently had returned from a trip to the middle east. There incredibly rich and strong in aroma. I actually enjoy the scents of these oils however.. It's absolutely nuclear in strength and lasts so long! So much to the point were I don't know how people around me will enjoy these scents themselves. ( I live in East Coast United States) .

    What were people reactions or opinions on your pure oud oils?

    They also got me Gucci Oud which was surprisingly good. Really nicesweet oud for western markets at the least.
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    Default Re: Anyone here have experience wearing pure oud oil?

    Search is your friend.
    Here's a good place to start.

    I own 3 Oriscent ouds. I used to own many more, but sold them because I was having some cash flow problems.
    I love them - they are very unique. Compared to 'oud' fragrances, pure oud oils are like night and day.
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    Default Re: Anyone here have experience wearing pure oud oil?

    People in the Gulf like their perfumes big, as they should be. No problem wearing them in the West, I've done it before. But you want to go superlight if you're at work. And don't put on the neck or near the face, or you won't smell anything.

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    Default Re: Anyone here have experience wearing pure oud oil?

    Is there a name on the 2 vials of your pure oud? Is it cambodian, hindi, laos or borneo oud? I wear pure oud all the time. The hindi oud are the one you have to be careful with, because it gives off a fecal scent...
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    Default Re: Anyone here have experience wearing pure oud oil?

    I've tried some from India and Cambodia once. Multifaceted with impressive depth but certainly not what I'd describe as overpowering or nuclear in strength. My experience with pure oud oils is not as extensive as that of some other BNers but their projected scents don't exactly reach across the room. I also feel oud is best used in small doses, as a partner other accords/notes.
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