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    Hello fellow scent fans. Has anybody tried out Petroleum? I would be interested to hear about your reactions, including observations about its longevity. Thanks. I'm enjoying the sample I put on today, and am considering buying a bottle (though it seems a little pricey).

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    Petroleum is a very striking and challenging composition. To me it smells like entering a damp cave full of minerals and assorted rotting materials. While all niche brands now put out the requisite oud (and they all end up smelling similar), HdP does something interesting and different with it. It takes the basic oud smell, then amplifies the mineral component, and throws in a big aquatic note. So unique that I had to buy it, but I have not yet been so daring to wear it, in part because I dislike aquatic notes.

    But if you can wear it, do so by any means. Longevity is excellent, as with most HdP perfumes. And there's really nothing like it - no cheaper substitutes. Elena at perfumeshrine ( ) has an excellent review, if you search for it.


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    Thank you, Cacio. I looked up her review, and you are right--it was excellent. I'm inclined to buy some.

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    It's a very nice and somewhat unique aromatic scent with the oud, leather and other things added. Wasn't sure I could wear this one comfortably at first but it grew on me and now I love it.
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