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Thread: Scent epiphany

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    I had been wearing Terre D'Hermes EDP Last night for about an hour when it hit me. Had I actually applied Vince Camuto by mistake? So I sprayed VC on the back of one hand and TDH on the other. Initially VC is a little more astringent whereas TDH is always smooth. During the drydown though, the only difference I can detect is VC is a little "brighter". Maybe "sharper" is a better word. I love them both, but for some reason last night was the first time it hit me just how similar they are.

    Anyone else noticed this?

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    Default Re: Scent epiphany

    I very recently tried the Vince Camuto for the first time, but personally have not experienced what you have. They smell different to me.
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    Default Re: Scent epiphany

    Will check it out.
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    Default Re: Scent epiphany

    Maybe it's the IsoE Super
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