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    Default Fake tan products

    Hi all. I'd like some advice on tanning products.

    I'm a male in my late 60s, fair skin and hair. I'm currently on some medication that steals the skin pigmentation to a degree and makes the skin very sensitive, so I must at all costs avoid sunburn.

    At my age I'm not all that concerned with making myself look "attractive", but I'm so pale that I have people constantly asking me if I'm OK. Well, no I'm not, but if I look that bad maybe I should do something about it.

    Not interested in an all-over spray tan, just what I think they call a "farmer's tan"– face, neck & arms.

    Also don't want very dark, just a very light colouring. Nothing complicated either. I thought maybe a foam or mousse product applied by hand might be best.

    I'd very much welcome recommendations.

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    Default Re: Fake tan products

    Have you considered having sex?
    It'll put the red back on your cheeks.
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