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    Default Saphir perfumes, incredibly non-expensive well done imitations

    I have a friend who came back from Spain, and sold me a 200ml bottle of Tierra de Saphir for 15€. The scent is similar in the top and middle notes, only slightly differs in the far drydown, the original Terre d'Hermès being a little bit stronger on vetiver at that stage. The longevity is outstanding for an imitation and again the smell is so close it's almost frightening. Here's the online shop :
    all 200ml for 13,90€ and I also found the list that relates them to the originals (in spanish) :
    For me it's the same concept as Lomani, trying to reproduce top sellers, but on a whole new level, 200ml 13,90€ for something that is almost indistinguishable from the original is just ridiculous
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