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    Default TOM FORD TUSCAN LEATHER Split 50ml = $115, INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, Other sizes available

    Hello, I've been a Basenotes lurker for quite some time and have been wanting to start doing splits, so I decided to buy Basenotes Plus and get started. Here is a link to my eBay account to prove I have a great track record online:

    I know a few others are offering Tuscan Leather on here, but I'm hoping to cater to those who might be looking for smaller quantities and minimal packaging to reduce costs.

    I will be purchasing a 250ml bottle of Tuscan Leather from Neiman Marcus and will be happy to provide a dated receipt to participants. The total cost will be around $565, but I receive 3% cash back from my credit card so it will be around $550. This is the price I will be basing my prices on.

    The atomizers I will be using are GLASS and are either 60ml and 30ml. Here is a picture of the 60ml (the 30ml is identical, just smaller):
    If you'd like 10ml in a travel atomizer, just let me know. It's an extra $5. Here is a picture:
    I will not be labeling the bottles, as I am trying to keep this split as barebones as possible to keep the cost down. 40ml and up will come in 60ml atomizers. 30ml and below will come in 30ml atomizers. I will be using a syringe to measure out exact amounts.

    Shipping is included in the below prices for CONUS. Canada add $5. International add $10. International participants please PM first. I will be shipping via USPS. I will be using teflon tape to seal the atomizer to prevent leakage and will be wrapping the bottles in bubble wrap to protect against breakage.

    Payment via PayPal

    Sizes and Prices

    60ml - $135
    50ml - $115
    40ml - $95
    30ml - $75
    20ml - $52
    10ml - $28

    Tuscan Leather
    50ml - Oaktoast
    50ml - [Reserved]
    30ml - [Reserved]
    20ml - [Reserved]
    20ml - [Reserved]
    20ml - [Reserved]
    60ml AVAILABLE
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