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    Default What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    Hello all,

    I was hoping to get your expert opinions on what fragrance you imagine Philip Marlowe (the fictional private detective created by Raymond Chandler) would use. Think film noir, 1940's Los Angeles.

    Thank you!!

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    I can't imagine him wearing fragrances. Just some drugstore aftershave mixed with sweat, stale cigarettes, women's lipstick...

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    Cigarillo by Remy LaTour
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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    - Old Spice in a very down to earth, everyman, gritty and almost naturalistic approach

    - Mouchoir de Monsieur, Russisch Leder and Kölnisch Juchten (the latter two by the German house of Farina Gegenüber) for an equally butch, but more complex, luxurious, mysterious, "noir" and/or brooding rendition of the same character

    - and, in this same more glamorized fictional universe, perhaps also something along the lines of ADP Colonia, the Floris fragrances traditionally alleged to be the signature scents James Bond for semi-formal, smart casual, possibly "morning at the gentlemen club/upscale barbershop" wear

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    Carven Homme while smoking a cigar.

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    This is an american gentleman in the 40's, yes? Old Spice, Hoyt's Cologne, St. Johns Lime.

    Maybe Potter & Moore or Dunhill, if he's a bit of a cosmopolite; although I'm with Colin Maillard on this one, he's more of an aftershave guy. Pinaud Clubman, perhaps? Is it too much country club vibe?

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    Dunhill for Men (1934)

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    Drakkar Noir
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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    These are all great answers. Thank you!

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    Always happy to trade most samples I have for anything on my test list.

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    Marlowe would wear a light spray of Pluriel - if he were around today.
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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    The thing about Marlowe is that his creator was an English public school boy. And, although Chandler revelled in mid-Century Americanisms, indeed turned them into art, he gave his detective a quintessentially un-American first name, Philip and a surname straight out of Dickens. Even when Marlowe is palling around with the likes of Moose Malloy, "a big man but not more than six feet five inches tall and not wider than a beer truck," he remains, somehow, an Englishman in a ill-fitting gumshoe's suit. Marlowe's written as a knight errant, really, possessed of a code of chivalry he tries to keep polished, even as from book to book the tarnish spreads. Marlowe's a detective who avoids revolvers, and disdains those who use them, almost as much (but not quite) as he despises authority: so, if we are scenting him, we need an early to mid-century fragrance that is neither overtly masculine nor of the establishment, and which in some way signifies a longing for an empire in decline.

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    Default Re: What would Philip Marlowe wear?

    This would be fit nicely in his wardrobe...

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