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    Default A* Men vs Aventus

    I know these fragrances have nothing in common... But which one just evokes a more positive feeling in you and just feels better?
    I ask this because I just figured out how A* Men's dry down can be a drug... I spray it on my pillow sometimes.

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    I much prefer A*men too. More unique and bold. A*men's drydown has a lot of patchouli, which is indeed excellent.


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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus


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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    Positive feeling? Aventus just because it's an all-season fragrance. I usually wear A*Men or their flankers (Malt and Havane) on a chilly day so I'm generally not in the most positive mood wearing it . I like both though.
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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    Aventus. If I want a cocoa and patchouli scent LIDGE brings me more joy than Amen, but like Amen I pretty much only reach for it in winter.

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    Hard to compare because they're so different, but Aventus is the pick. I enjoy Pure Havane the most from the Amen line.

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    Hi, my name is Fahrenheit. I am 29 years old and live in Australia.

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    Neither conjure up "positive" feelings for me. I don't care for either composition, but I prefer A*Men slightly of the two. They are so different though, it makes any comparison a bit odd.
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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    Aventus, even if just for the reason of not having much liked AMen in the first place

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    For me, A*Men

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    Aventus. I can't stand A*Men.

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    I've never sampled Aventus but I can pretty much certainly say A*Men is a solid fragrance that has stood the test of time.
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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    Aventus' wuality is so much better than A*Men, plus A*Men just smells like every possible sickly sweet smell has been tbrown together into one opening. I got a sample of it and I immediately had to scrub it off (which ofcourse didn't get rid of the scent). People say give A*Men a chance and wait past the opening, but to be honest, I don't want a fragrance that I find repulsive just to appreciate the later stages.
    Aventus is the best smelling fresh/fruity fragrance I've smelt in my opinion.
    I'm sure some people would enjoy A*Men, and if they did then you'd be noticed a lot easier as the performance is much better than Aventus but it's not a fresh fragrance like Aventus.

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    I don't really like either! Both of them make me feel sick, but if I had to choose which one to smell on someone, I'd go with A*Men over Aventus. A*Men is gross to me but tolerable. Aventus just really turns my stomach.

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus


    Can't do A*Men anymore.

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    I honestly have never smelled the drydown of A*Men. I did smell it on a man in a small bar one night and A*Men was projecting like the sun off him. It still smelled horrible on someone else.

    If cost is not an issue, I'd go with Aventus.
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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus


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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    follow up question:

    Chevy Camaro vs. Tesla Model S
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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    Aventus in spring and summer, so long as the weather isn't TOO hot.

    A*Men in fall and winter. The drydown really is fantastic.

    That being said... I'm glad I only bought a 1 oz bottle of A*Men. It's excellent, but I rarely reach for it. I have too many other fall/winter scents that I'd rather wear, such as Tom Ford Extreme, M7 Oud Absolu, Interlude Man, L'Air du Desert Marocain, Prada Amber Intense, etc etc etc. A*Men is great though.
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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus


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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    A*men and it's flankers without batch variations.

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    Default Re: A* Men vs Aventus

    Aventus is more year-round. I have to agree that LIDG and LIDGE are the sweetness winners and they differentiate themselves from the candy smell in a way A*Men doesn't. Aventus has some interesting blends that come out over time too, like sometimes you can make out vanilla and sometimes you get a lot of currant, depending on the day or the weather or something.

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