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    Default Rance L'Aigle de la Victoire .... Reformulated

    Well...I have to give respect to the house of Rance for their honesty...There is an article on Fragrantica that says this scent was found to be too much of a powerhouse for Rance clientele and it is being toned down and reformulated...
    Being a lover of powerhouses I immediately just bought a 50ml bottle , hoping it is the original formula...article is rather new so I hope I beat them putting the new product on the shelves...
    This is a blind buy for me based on the 3 thumbs up from 3 of my favorite reviewers, Colin Maillard, Akahina, and Alfarom...
    I have complete faith because these reviewers have guided me to other successful blind buys....

    quote from article:
    Now, I would like to add some news regarding two other fragrances that I wrote about previousluy: L'Aigle de La Victoire and Tubéreuse Amour. While talking to the kind and warm Manuela, from the Rancé staff at Esxence, she told me that the brand had decided to reformulate them. Apparently they were too edgy for the Rancé clientele. Yes, they were powerhouses, pretty much like scent bombs. L'Aigle de La Victoire in a very animalic, beastly and intense masculinity. Tubéreuse Amour in a sweet and camphored tuberose amped up to an almost impossible intensity, capable to please the lovers of all things extreme. Oh well, it seems that they both lost their edge. One for better, the other for worse.

    L'Aigle de La Victoire I agree it was a bit too hard. Even I myself, a lover of dense clouds of perfume, can't seem to find good occasions to wear it. But when I do, I do it with great pleasure. Well, that was before. The version you can find now in the shops is different. Even though the bottle and the box is the same, the juice got diluted. You can see a change in the color of the liquid, but it is virtually impossible to know if you got an old or new formula. The result of this changing if not very different, but it turned the perfume into an easier thing to wear. A bit less personality, maybe, but a better balance. There is a greater freshness in the top notes and a cooler, more elegant vibe to it. What was before an over the top beast got tamer. All the ingredients are there, but it seems less concentrated and more approachable. And that's not bad, really.

    Regarding Tubéreuse Amour, all I have to say is that it is now a regular tuberose. A good one, but the originality is gone. While L'Aigle de La Victoire came from the wilderness to civilization, Tubéreuse Amour just went to sleep. Not very interesting anymore, I have to say.
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    Default Re: Rance L'Aigle de la Victoire .... Reformulated

    Glad to hear that the newer one is to your liking and is more versatile.
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
    Mean spirited, nasty, snide, sarcastic, hateful, and rude individuals on Basenotes don't warrant or deserve other individuals' acknowledgement or respect.

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    Default Re: Rance L'Aigle de la Victoire .... Reformulated

    Having never tried the original and desperately wanting to...I think I may drop a tear or 2.
    If you want to sell a ml or 2 of the original let me know please.

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    Default Re: Rance L'Aigle de la Victoire .... Reformulated

    Has this reformulation affected the longevity or the basic character of the scent?

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