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    Default Other options for home fragrance?

    I'd like to give the entryway to my home a nice, soft smell.

    I don't want to burn anything - candles, incense, etc. I also don't think I want to use plug-in type air fresheners. They always smell cheap to me, and they tend to be stronger than what I'm looking for here. I'd like a nice, soft kind of scent.

    What should I try?
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    Default Re: Other options for home fragrance?

    If you can ever find it out there (increasingly difficult to find) - John Galliano Room Spray. Just fabulous IMO.

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    Default Re: Other options for home fragrance?

    I don't know about any other options rather I will like to say if you are in need of soft kind of smells then you can find it too from the scented candles. These candles do not only give you strongest smell but also can give you soft smell.

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    Default Re: Other options for home fragrance?

    Some houses- Esteban for one- propose tiny beads or stones or hanging objects (generally made with wood or clay) you can soak with a fragrance you like and just leave diffusing- the smell will be much softer and even.
    Or, if you like benzoin, some sheets of Papier d'Armenie will release a nice soft smell even without burning. (also unlit candles will give off an even and softer smell...)
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    Default Re: Other options for home fragrance?

    Byredo Toile Textile Perfume is the another best option for home fragrance

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