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    Default What am I missing? Egoiste Edition

    I tend to be someone who likes a lot of fragrances, but for some reason, I don't understand why Egoiste is so highly regarded. What am I missing? Do I have a bad sample? It opened with a funky citrus burst and dried down to be somewhat more pleasant, but never struck me as anything special. With fragrances I don't like, I can usually understand what people do like about them, but this one has me miffed.

    Help me Obi Wan Cologni.

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    Default Re: What am I missing? Egoiste Edition

    I like it because it blends the woody aspects so well with the spicy aspects. I like the way the cinnamon and sandalwood work together and how it adds the floral touches in this one and the warm finish of the vanilla. Wouldn't want to be without a bottle of this.
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    Default Re: What am I missing? Egoiste Edition

    A good / pure sandalwood is a bit dull. It's well amplified in the vintage Egoiste, which is a masterpiece with a wonderful creamy, Sandalwood accord!

    I would spend more time before judging this one. New version does have a sharp citrus, which is offsetting for some...

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    Default Re: What am I missing? Egoiste Edition

    That's normal. I don't understand many hype some fragrances and houses gather here.
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    Default Re: What am I missing? Egoiste Edition

    I don't get much citrus in Egoïste.

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    Default Re: What am I missing? Egoiste Edition

    The force is great in Egoiste young jedi!
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    Default Re: What am I missing? Egoiste Edition

    I am very divided about Egoiste. I love it as a concept. The composition is unique, balanced and it's a masterpiece.

    However the times I've owned a bottle, I've never felt like wearing it. It almost felt like it was wearing me. It was too out there for everyday use for me.

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    Default Re: What am I missing? Egoiste Edition

    Egoiste is one of the best masculine sandalwood/Brazilian rosewood compositions out there - it's fantastic! If you are sampling it from a little dabber, though, I can understand not getting the full experience. Go to a store that carries Egoiste and spray it on your arm - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by its richness and complexity.
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    Default Re: What am I missing? Egoiste Edition

    I like it because it's smooth, warm and feels elegant. It's woody but not sharp, sweet but not gourmand. I see it as a very wintery perfume, when one needs some coziness.


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