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Thread: T K Maxx

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    Well, my local branch is overflowing with perfumes(coming up to Xmas), but the prices are not great.

    Loads of different L'Artisan Parfumeur have turned up, but the prices!

    When I bought mine two years back 50mls 24.99, 100mls 29.99. Now, 39.99-49.99 a 30mls size of Numero 10 was 44.99! Hell, I got my 100mls for 29.99!

    In some stores(not mine, unfortunately) Byredo various on a red sticker and some 50mls 62!

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    Default Re: T K Maxx

    Not a single interesting thing at the TK Maxx at Tottenham court road, London. No l'Artisan Parfumeur, no Byredo, nothing. Most interesting thing in the crowd of celebrity perfumes was a Chanel no 5 and a Shalimar, neither discounted heavily at all.

    Good thing for my wallet!

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    Default Re: T K Maxx


    a few miller harris scent like last year, same price same selection, but online cheaper ...
    a lot of Boring stuff, a lot of dead stock designer stuff

    Boy, they do need to up the game :-(

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    With Mother's Day coming up in a few weeks more fragrance should be coming.

    In mine they had Andrea Maack Dark for 20, I didn't as it is a citrus based despite the name.

    A few Millar Harris and L'Artisan in there last week.

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    Default Re: T K Maxx

    l just bought, from TK Maxx online, a set of minis of the five feminine perfumes from the Silk Roads collection by Shanghai Tang. The nose for these is Carlos Benaim, who l see has done a number of florientals, one of my favourite genres. Spring Jasmine was already on my test list, thanks to HoP, & l'm looking forward to trying the rest.

    They have a number of full-sized bottles of these on the site too, both masculines & feminines.
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    I had a quick wander in TKMaxx yesterday. Quite a few Miller Harris candles and some fragrance the usual First, Britney etc. They did have the LT. Piver Musc, Cedar and Leather for 16.99 also Heliotrope Blanc at 9.99. I already have the latter though keep thinking should I buy? Red label Dark still there and a few 100mls of L'Artisan at 24.99 Drole de Roses was at the front but I didn't rummage to see the others behind.

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    Quite a few of the Andrea Maack around on red label. Dark was down to 10 the other week but I read reviews before and knew not for me. I got Smart today for 15, I could have left it until it dropped to 10 but hey what is 5. Silk though not in my branch also going for 15 too. I think it is because she is not mainstream and few know who she is no one willing to part with the 49.99 the where originally at in TKMaxx

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    Default Re: T K Maxx

    100 ml Tom Ford Orchid Soleil for 70 in my local TK Maxx this evening.

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    Default Re: T K Maxx

    Birmingham Bullring TK Maxx has 50mls of a couple of Laliques in stock for 15 - Encre Noire Sport and Hommage a l'Homme.

    Anyone in Birmingham should also pop into Selfridges - they're clearing out some perfume stock to make way for other stuff. Their Lutens 100ml bottles and Goutals were all half price and plenty of other stuff was heavily reduced too.

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