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I got a very small sample sized amount of "Ho Hang" by Balenciaga..I'd smelled it before years and years ago..I had at least one friend who liked it. I couldn't recall exactly what it was like though, and really wanted to smell it again! It's funny..smelling it again even after years, I remember it clearly now from before! XD
Mostly it just smells like a very nice pleasant men's cologne, that reminds me a lot of a men's shaving cream that "The Body Shop" used to carry years and years ago! I would also agree with people who categorize it as a somewhat unisex fragrance too, I honestly would wear it! (I don't mean that as an insult, or to put off any guys who like it. It does smell like a men's product too..I just personally really like it! And I think lots of people consider this one unisex too from what I've heard! Although it was originally marketed only to men, I think..in the original ads.)
After I wear it for at least ten to fifteen minutes (or something like that) I find that..to my nose and on me in any case..it also has this kind of sweet fruity smell that reminds me a lot of blueberry yogurt cups! XD It was when I smelled that that I clearly remembered trying "Ho Hang" years and years ago! XD I was like.."oh yeah..I remember this one now!" XD It's not a bad smell per se..just..interesting..lol. In the dry down, after wearing it all day, that scent goes away though. Actually..overall I find it a much lighter scent compared to a lot of guy's fragrances they make and sell today! I find the sillage and longevity aren't so huge with this one. I felt like it actually faded out kind of fast on me actually. So..mostly I would say I like "Ho Hang" but I have some slightly mixed feelings about it too lol.
In any case..I think some person here on Basenotes once said they categorize it as an "insane" fragrance, and I strongly disagree with that assessment! It's actually a pretty nice cologne! I think maybe they just meant my friend was completely crazy, but that's different! XD Don't blame the scent! XD
^^ Very well written, I enjoyed the background story.

I found both of them worked pretty well for me. I have to say though that Balenciage Pour Homme was a bit more wearable and enjoyable than Ho Hang Club. Both are still quite affordable.