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    Default Phoenicia Perfumes

    anybody familiar with Phoenicia Perfumes, any recommendation?
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    Default Re: Phoenicia Perfumes

    If you're looking for an authentic oud, definitely give RealOud a try. It's a nice combination of oud, vetiver, light rose and sandalwood. It wears much like an attar would and it's price is actually pretty good when you compare to what else is out there.

    Far Nwest is a pretty good musky/smokey fragrance. Odd yet completely wearable. Fir, Skunky musk and choya loban.

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    Default Re: Phoenicia Perfumes

    I have tried a few (I think three - more than enough) in the line but didn't care of any of the ones I tried.
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    Default Re: Phoenicia Perfumes

    I have 4 of them (Real Oud, Oud Tiaga, FarNwest, Gone but Not) and some further samples. They are all unusual and interesting but Realoud is the standout. It gives great feeling of personal confidence even if you smell like a barn. It's the only perfume I have that genuinely alters your mood (and I have 30+ quality fragrances).

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