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    Question Original Formula Fahrenheit Vs Fahrenheit Absolute ?

    I am a big fan of the original Fahrenheit and have both the Fahrenheit Absolute and Le Parfum version. Personally, I am still not convincd that either of these flankers equal or surpass the original. I had seen a backup bottle of the Absolute available and thought about buying it, but decided to test the original Fahrenheit vs the Absolute and personally find the classic Fahrenheit much more interesting. Difficult to put, but I somehow find the Absolute "muted"/ downsized/ cloudy, compared to the clarity and sharpness of the original.
    Interestingly, on fragrantica 12 people have compared the Abosulte version as similar to the Le Parfum version of Fahernheit and nobody has compared the Absolute to the original Fahrenheit ! But opinions on basenotes seem to imply the reverse, namely that the Absolute is more similar to the original Fahrenheit. I am somewhat confused and prefer the original classic Fahrenheit to either of the flankers.
    What are you views ?

    ps. anyone seeking original version Fahrenheit should try Pampero which is an excellent clone of it.
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    Default Re: Original Formula Fahrenheit Vs Fahrenheit Absolute ?

    IMO, Aqua Fahrenheit smells closer to the original.
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    Default Re: Original Formula Fahrenheit Vs Fahrenheit Absolute ?

    I think Absolute smells great, but just a bit like Fahrenheit. It's more of a different scent.
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    Default Re: Original Formula Fahrenheit Vs Fahrenheit Absolute ?

    It would be personally difficult for me to decide between the initial, pre-reformulation Fahrenheit and the Absolute flanker, having enjoyed both quite equally much over time.

    I do consider them to relatively different fragrances: the regular vintage Fahrenheit EDT heavier on "dark green", mossy, resinous notes, earthier and more wood dominated and while Absolute can also be a noticeable, strong fragrance, it still has a certain almost leathery, even suede-like smoothness in comparison with all the other Fahrenheit versions and/or flankers.

    Both seem to have a resembling, even identical basic structure (not necessarily the base that dries down, far more a central motive present from the first impression right down to the final evolution), yet separating in two quite different directions aside from their similar background.

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    Default Re: Original Formula Fahrenheit Vs Fahrenheit Absolute ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckW View Post
    I think Absolute smells great, but just a bit like Fahrenheit. It's more of a different scent.
    I agree with this assessment.
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