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    Default Memories of Love Judith Williams

    Hi to all,
    I'm new to this forum, but I've heard you guys are the best when is about finding fragrances. Now, my question is about a not so famous perfume, the Memories of Love by Judith Williams. I've searched all over the Internet and didn't find any site that still sells this one. My question is do you guys by any chance know where could I buy this fragrance or find a very similar one to it?
    The perfume's notes are: Sweet, fruity, white floral, tropical, vanilla & woody.
    Any other perfume suggestions based on the given notes that you could give me?
    Thank you in advance
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    Default Re: Memories of Love Judith Williams

    Currently wearing: Angel by Thierry Mugler

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    Default Re: Memories of Love Judith Williams

    The only place you will find Judith Williams is QVC UK, and Germany.

    She comes one selling her skincare and some fragrance.

    Never bought any of her range so no idea what fragrances they sell. You could try Ebay as well.

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