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    Question Adding a vanilla note to an existing commercial fragrance

    I’ve had the following question (slightly paraphrased) in a private message, but I thought I’d answer it here so that others can chime in and everyone can benefit from the answers:

    I plan to add a tiny touch of vanilla to my perfume, which I have decanted into a small bottle but I just want to add a little bit of vanilla sweetness to it.

    Do I just buy vanilla extract or vanilla essential oils and add like half a drop or so into it? Or do I buy vanillin crystals and add a few into it?
    My answer is first of all, whatever you do don’t try adding the sort of vanilla extract sold for food use to the perfume as those are ‘hydroglycolic extracts’ and won’t dissolve properly in the alcohol.

    Essential oils of vanilla are not generally available and the absolute, which is, is hard to handle and very powerful: not really suitable for this purpose.

    I would recommend buying the smallest amount of vanillin crystals that you can (or a pre-made dilution in ethanol would be even better). Unless your decant is much larger than I think, the smallest amount of crystals you can add with make an enormous difference to the scent, so rather than risk overwhelming it, I would also buy some perfumers alcohol and dissolve the crystals first in that to get a 10% or even a 1% solution, then add that a drop at a time until you get the effect you want.
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    Default Re: Adding a vanilla note to an existing commercial fragrance

    Thank you so much Chris! Much appreciated

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