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    Default Perfume Mouth Spray + Mints

    Is there such a thing as beautiful breathe other than minty breathe? What would be horrific if you got all dressed up, used your best cologne but your breath stinks, other than the usual mint gum, would do you use?
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    Default Re: Perfume Mount Spray + Mints

    There are also mouth washes that have a "cinnamint" or "wintergreen" taste. So there's that possibility.
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    Default Re: Perfume Mount Spray + Mints

    Washing teeth and avoiding garlic and raw onions usually guarantees decent breath.

    In any case, alternatives to mint are clove based mouthwashes (Santa Maria Novella makes an excellent if very expensive one). At least in places like Italy and France, there are breathmints flavored with pretty much everything. Perfume-wise, a nice one is violet scented candies (like Chowder mints).


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    Default Re: Perfume Mouth Spray + Mints

    I couldn't imagine anything other than mint, really. Maybe I'm just used to it so much that I can't. I use wintergreen chewing gum about most of the time and they get the job done. They might still be too minty for you, though if mint's what you're trying to avoid.

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    Default Re: Perfume Mouth Spray + Mints

    You can also chew parsley, which freshens the breath.
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    Default Re: Perfume Mouth Spray + Mints

    Mint is very much the culturally accepted norm of the modern West but other herbs and spices have been used around the world in the past and today. The most common ones include fennel, parsley and rosewater. A lot of these are readily available as mouthwashes and toothpastes in Europe but I have no idea about the US.
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    Default Re: Perfume Mouth Spray + Mints

    Here in Japan as well it's usually variations on mint. Usually citrus with mint, but occasionally rose.
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    Default Re: Perfume Mouth Spray + Mints

    Brush your teeth. That usually solves any issues.

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    Default Re: Perfume Mouth Spray + Mints

    As others have said, Western culture largely associates mint with 'cleanliness' or 'freshness'. I've been trying to retrain myself using Lush toothy tabs ( a small pellet you grind up with your teeth before brushing), their alternative to toothpaste. They offer the traditional flavours/scents but also have a coffee & clove, and a rosewater one. The coffee and clove one certainly leaves a scent but oddly I can't get past the feeling it's not clean because it's not minty. While not a perfume, it's an alternative for er...scenting your mouth. Especially if you love coffee and cloves like me

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    Default Re: Perfume Mouth Spray + Mints

    Those little candied aniseeds, offered at Indian restaurants provide a pleasant breathe freshener.

    Correction: They are Fennel Seeds .U should be able to get the candied & regular version at most south Asian stores...Ask for "Saunf".

    Thanks Badarun!
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    Default Re: Perfume Mouth Spray + Mints

    Quote Originally Posted by SysOp View Post
    Brush your teeth. That usually solves any issues.
    And floss

    And eat healthy food

    And avoid preservatives
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    Default Re: Perfume Mouth Spray + Mints

    And eat aniseed

    Not only is it a breath freshner, it's known to be a great digestive.
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    Default Re: Perfume Mouth Spray + Mints

    Brush, floss and Listerine.
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    Default Re: Perfume Mouth Spray + Mints

    A baking soda rinse is supposed to help too.
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