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    Default Purchasing Gift Sets

    I've always wondered, lots of places, especially Macy's, really start to push the gift sets this time of year, and it's a good opportunity to score a decent fragrance (and extras) at a really good price point. For example, I was looking at the new Hugo Boss fragrance 'The Scent' as well as Dolce & Gabbana 'Light Blue'. I don't own either and would like to add one to my repertoire. For example you can get a 4.2 oz plus a bonus 1.4 oz EdT of the D&G for $94 shipped. Not too bad if you enjoy Light Blue. Same with The Scent. For what you'd normally pay for only a 3.3 oz bottle of the EdT alone you can get a full-size deodorant and a 1.6 oz shower gel for just $3 more. I'm not saying these fragrances are amazing, I'm just using these as examples. Who puts these sets together? Macy's or the fragrance houses for Macy's? They seem to be exclusive to the one store at the moment.

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    Default Re: Purchasing Gift Sets

    I think the gift sets are often a good buy only if the buyer is truly going to use the ancillary products that come packaged in them. Not sure who is responsible for assembling them, but my guess would be the fragrance houses.
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    Default Re: Purchasing Gift Sets

    I personally love gift sets and I know we are not a lot online to do so. But I must say it's of course much, much more useful to someone who has only 1 or 2 fragrances as it allows him to always carry the aura of the scent around and on him so it clearly help people complaining also about longevity. But for the many, many ones online who change scent everyday, it's not as interesting obviously since they DON'T want the scent of the day to linger on into the next one as they will change fragrance.

    But if you are into them, compare the prices online but they are very often worth it if you enjoy the bonus aftershave, shower gel, mini of the same fragrance or the one I don't care about: deodorant. Because they are often sold for almost as expensive as the actual fragrance.

    It is put together by the houses directly and they bring them out only for special occasions. First and foremost Christmas as they make a very nice, complete and good looking gift. Better than a frag alone to me... Or occasions like father or mother's day you'll see some ones (Not as many as Christmas though). Other time of the year you won't see them in store unless they have leftovers but you can find quite a few of them online.

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    Default Re: Purchasing Gift Sets

    The gift sets are especially useful for those that travel for days at a time. It's a lot easier to bring the 1 oz bottles than several of the 3.4 oz ones. And in case you forget them at the hotel, it's not the end of the world.

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    Default Re: Purchasing Gift Sets

    It depends. For places like macys and other places like ulta usually they are made for them by the company bottling the fragrance. Sometimes the packaging is unique to a particular store if they deal in enough volume to warrant it. For smaller locations they get a standardized set that looks more like the original packaging. Macys almost everything is red but they do enough business with fragrance companies to make certain concessions.

    Places like sams club are a little different. Many of the sets you see are actually repackaged by a distributor. Like right now they have box sets at sams that actually say such on the box. The cool thing is with those box sets they include the original boxes for the fragrance inside and broken down in case you want the box. And that is one of the two reasons I avoid box sets. Once upon a time I didn't care about boxes. But I have found some scents do not like light even if its artificial. So many of my summer scents I prefer to keep in the box when not in rotation so light doesn't muck with them. Plus I like displaying the bottles with the box even when they don't need to stay in their. The other reason is I don't really like any of the extra products they include like aftershaves and body washes. If it was my signature scent that's fine but I don't have a signature scent. I much prefer using fragrance free items that way I am not limited or have to have 40 different body washes in my bathroom.

    I still buy box sets on occasion if they are a really really good deal. But most times I only bite when you get a two bottles of fragrance. I wont even consider them if its an aftershave or bodywash. But those sets with two equal sized bottles and their original boxes for $34? Hell yeah why not? I guess I'm a geek. I want the box and I want the cap. But to save money I will keep the box and cap from previous purchases and replace that bottle with a tester as I all ready have a box and a cap.

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    Default Re: Purchasing Gift Sets

    Good Question.

    Gift Sets are tempting but I tend not to like having a bottle without the proper box to store it in. I also wonder why the gift sets are so cheap compared to the boxed original ? Makes me wonder.

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    Default Re: Purchasing Gift Sets

    My idea is that they are made and packed by the companies themselves. The fact that it only shows up at a particular store perhaps has to do with distribution.

    Gifts sets are perhaps better deals for non-enthusiasts, since layering does significantly enhance the overall aspect of wearing a fragrance and smelling good.
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    Default Re: Purchasing Gift Sets

    Gift sets are made by the fragrance house for Macy's.
    The sets are usually so attractively priced because they are bought in bulk and with the understanding that unsold sets will be returned to the vendor.
    Chanel sends empty boxes so stores can make up sets. Chanel sets are usually standardized from store to store. Chanel sets, unlike others are not a deal. You will pay full retail for each piece in a Chanel set.
    Macy's will send case and cases of empty red boxes to each store so employees can fill them with whatever they choose. The logic being that people will pay virtually anything if they are desperate for a gift. This never works. December 26th all those employee made gift sets are stripped and the red boxes tossed in the dumpster.

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    Default Re: Purchasing Gift Sets

    Tons of these gift sets are popping up at TJ Maxx/Ross, etc. at the moment. They have to be passed along from the department stores and manufacturers. Most are phased out from stores. CK Reveal and the like. Many are still active, classic scents, however. Check out your discounters, there are gift sets galore.

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    Default Re: Purchasing Gift Sets

    These are usually discounted by anything between 20 and 50% in the post-Xmas sales, at least here in the UK.
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    Default Re: Purchasing Gift Sets

    Almost irrespective who puts them together, always enjoyed buying gift sets of some of the personal favorite fragrances both from regular retail and online and will most likely continue to do so limitlessly, indefinitely, having quite an interest, passion and enjoyment both for matched scented products and/or the occasional branded accessory, less common, but still likely to be included in some gift sets

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