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    Default Byredo Oliver Peeples

    Tested this at Barney's. Smells pretty good! Anyone with experience with this one? I have a small sample will try out soon. Also tried 1996 which isn't bad.

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    Default Re: Byredo Oliver Peeples

    Tried this at Nieman Marcus in my area. It was OK but nothing special IMO.
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    Default Re: Byredo Oliver Peeples

    I really like it. Got a free sample and bought it not long after. Dunno, just different than anything else I had and it worked. Very good longevity for me, I like the sandy aspect, and the projection is well balanced. It is a bit sweet, but not overly so, and it borders (nicely) on a faint dirtiness. Some say it smells like Mugler's Angel - I wouldn't know as I've never smelled it, to my knowledge anyway.

    It's 'peoples' by the way.

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    Default Re: Byredo Oliver Peeples

    Thanks for the feedback. I like it best out of the 4 samples I got. Also don't know what angel smells lol.

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    Default Re: Byredo Oliver Peeples

    No problem.

    Oh, and I got to choose the colour of my bottle! Can't beat that.

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    Default Re: Byredo Oliver Peeples

    Bought this one blind, did not regret it one bit. The juniper comes through nice and crisp without smelling like gin, barbershop or something vegetal. It's got a sand vibe - yes sand - and it last quite a while with a wafting yet lingering patchouli. It's warm yet soothing along the same lines of Bal d'Afrique but with enough differences to make this stand out on its own.
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    Default Re: Byredo Oliver Peeples

    I have tried this but all I can remember is that it was OK. Thanks for reminding me to try again.

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    Default Re: Byredo Oliver Peeples

    Yeah -- it didn't move me

    This 'Rose of No Man's Land' is meant to be good, though -- A 'masculine' rose, no less

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    Default Re: Byredo Oliver Peeples

    Like the rest of the line - just nice.
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    Default Re: Byredo Oliver Peeples

    It's certainly nice. I am still debating if it's bottleworthy, but it is indeed nice.

    I thought it was a tiny bit similar to Dior's Sauvage.. Anyone else get that?
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