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    Default Lanvin l'homme and Creed SMW

    I've just bought my first bottle of Lanvin L'homme and I'm amazed by the similarity to SMW. In particular the slightly sour note on the dry down.

    Has anyone else noticed this, or is it my own peculiar nose?
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    Default Re: Lanvin l'homme and Creed SMW

    I own both but have never gotten that similarity personally. Different noses perceive scents differently.
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    Default Re: Lanvin l'homme and Creed SMW

    Don't think there is much, no.

    They are similar for me in one respect though -- I don't like either

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    Default Re: Lanvin l'homme and Creed SMW

    I just sampled Lanvin L'Homme a few days ago and I can relate to the "sour" note you speak of. However, I don't recall ever getting that comparable smell with SMW, per se. However, I do seem to recall the smell in some other fragrance by Creed.....Neroli Sauvage perhaps? I get the same similar smell on the dry down in the vintage YSL M7. Very sour smell that lasts forever on clothing.

    Usually, the sour/powdery note in Creeds is from the ambergris they use in so many of their fragrances.
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