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    Default Hi, please help me find an alternative perfume


    I love the smell of Gina by BenefitCosmetics. Iit only comes in an eau de toilette which just doesn't last long enough for me. I want a eau de parfum which will be a little stronger and have more staying power.

    I absolutely love this fragrance and I have searched for something similar but just can't find it. I impulse purchased Chanel Mademoiselle and for me it was a complete waste of money as the fragrance is nice but gives me a headache for want of a better word (i think my body chemistry doesn't agree with orange/citrus notes, forgive my ignorance I'm not very fragrance literate but i hope you get my point) I don't like sharp smells. Also i know this scent mentions vanilla in the description below but i don't like strong vanilla scents.

    Gina is described as having the following:
    Top notes: pink pepper, bergamot, tangerine
    Middle notes: peony, wild raspberry, white lily
    Bottom notes: patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla bean

    woody oriental - an alluring affair of pink pepper, wild raspberry & patchouli. a seductively provocative scent

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Hi, please help me find an alternative perfume

    Welcome to basenotes, Aasia!

    l think you might enjoy Lady Vengeance by Juliette Has a Gun, or Guerlain lnsolence.
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    Default Re: Hi, please help me find an alternative perfume

    Perhaps Solo Amore by Luciano Soprani (this just a guess based on the notes of the one you like)
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    Default Re: Hi, please help me find an alternative perfume

    Marni comes to mind. Good luck!
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