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    Hi all!

    Swapping in the USA (I forgot to put it in the post title and now I can't edit it, sorry!).

    Swapping bottles of:

    - Cuir de Russie EDT (Chanel): 200ml around 70% full
    - Casbah (Robert Piguet): 100ml (used only three or four times, so around 90% full).
    - Avignon (Comme des Garçons): 50ml (around 85% full)
    - Zagorsk (Comme des Garçons): 50ml (around 90% full)

    Swapping decants (varying sizes, from 15 to 50ml) of:

    - Vintage Jolie Madame EDT (Balmain)
    - Vintage Chanel nº5 EDC
    - Vintage Bel Ami (Hermes)
    - Narcisse Noir Extrait
    - Bal a Versailles EDC (Desprez)

    Looking for a bottle of:

    - Bois d'Encens (Armani Privé)
    - Tribute Attar (Amouage)
    - Invasion Barbare (MDCI)
    - Jabir (Al Kimiya)
    - Hayat (Al Kimiya)
    - 'Ilm (Al Kimiya)

    I am currently on a tabacco spree so I'd also appreciate samples of any of the following:
    - Tabac (La Via del Profumo)
    - Fumee d'Or (DSH Perfumes)
    - Wild Tobacco Illuminum)
    - Spent Musket Oil D.S. & Durga
    - Eau de Tobago (Parfums et Senteurs du Pays Basque)


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